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Engine Repair & Maintenance Services in Lakewood, CO 

Cars are expensive. To buy, operate and maintain. For most of us cars are one of the most expensive items in family budgets. Neglect and deferred maintenance can complicate the cost of ownership. Following the factory recommended maintenance schedule is the best way to avoid expensive repairs. Merrill engine maintenance services in Lakewood can help you with scheduling the maintenance and more importantly with budgeting the work so your family can spread the expense throughout the year. Cars and trucks are more reliable than ever, especially when cared for with scheduled maintenance. Newer more reliable vehicles do need extensive and well-timed maintenance to ensure the longest service life possible. If you’re in Lakewood, call Merrill for engine maintenance services or for simple fluid exchanges and filter replacements can help preserve more complex and valuable electrical systems integrated with our cars. Maintenance throughout the car, truck or SUV is essential but the most expensive system in the vehicle is the engine.

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Engine Repair Services LakewoodWhat are some of the maintenance items I need to stay on top of? Engine oil, filter changes, and engine tune ups are the first thing. But with longer interval service requirements you want to make sure it’s a high-quality oil, whether its conventional or synthetic. The filter is also critical, we use NAPA Gold Filters with all our retail oil and filter services. Let’s replace the engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission and differential fluids. These fluids protect vital moving components of the vehicle. As they break down so does the protection. Replacing these fluids will help with longevity and optimal vehicle efficiency. It’s good practice to include one or two of these fluid exchanges while doing an oil service.  It helps with remembering to perform the maintenance but also saves you time between oil changes.

Don’t forget windshield wiper blades. These don’t seem critical until you are driving in wet or snowy conditions. Low visibility due to underperforming or damaged wiper blades is dangerous for you and other motorists. At Merrill Automotive we do more than engine maintenance services we can also help you stay on top of a mundane safety item like wiper blades. Have you had a tire inspection recently? We can check pressure and visually inspect the tires for defect, uneven wear or manufacturing dates to ensure the tires aren’t past their usable life. Expired tires can be dangerous.  Most tire manufactures have life expectancy for rubber much lower than some people would expect. Don’t forget the spare tire, often forgotten until that unexpected flat tire. Nothing is more frustrating than having a spare tire you can’t use because it wasn’t’ checked as part of your regular maintenance. Quickie lube shops don’t usually check tires, brakes, suspension components or take your vehicle for a test drive. With longer interval oil services, it is now recommended that the tires get rotated and balanced with each oil change. Before we could rotate tires every other oil service, not anymore. Tires are pricey, keeping them inflated and rotated will help prolong their life and have your car driving and stopping as designed.

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Lakewood Engine Repair ServicesNot only do quickie lube shops fall short on actual vehicle inspections they don’t use trained service professionals. Merrill Automotive is training, we have ASE certified technicians and service advisors. Our technicians enjoy training.  Always looking for better diagnostic procedures and the latest automotive trends to sharpen their skills. Do you want a cheap oil change with little regard for the actual performance of your vehicle or do you want the best care possible for the second largest expense your family has to incur? Make a reservation with Merrill Automotive for engine maintenance services in Lakewood.  We look forward to a long and friendly relationship with you and your valuable car.

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