Very punctual! I made my appointment for 9am, and told them I would wait while the alignment was being done. My vehicle was on the rack within 10 minutes of arriving, and completed in a very timely manner. Mike was very helpful explaining the service and process. Great job!


very helpful


I appreciated the last repair, putting a new steering pump in, and doing it for free because of not catching something before. I think that all has been done now for awhile for the old car. It is doing OK now and since it is old and has high mileage, it is about as good as it can be for the time being. thanks, Martha


The short story, Great Customer Service! The long story, I was having problems getting our travel trailer into another axle shop to get the axles straightened or tubes replaced, they kept stringing me along when they could get the trailer in and finally, I looked for someplace else. I called Merrill Axle & Wheel on a Friday morning, I spoke with Mike and he was extremely accommodating and got our travel trailer in the same day. I gave them a deadline for the next week and he said they would meet it without a problem. Over the weekend we decided to go camper shopping and found a dealer that would take our travel trailer as is (hail and tire blow out damage) as a trade. I called Mike on Monday and explained the situation and he completely understood. No work had been done yet, but the trailer sat in their lot taking up space for 2 business days, the other axle shop made it very clear to me that our trailer would be an issue taking up space in their lot, knowing this from the other shop, I would understand if Mike was irritated with me, but he wasn’t. This is the type of service that will keep me coming back, plus they are a full service shop and I will come here to get the oil changed in our diesel truck and while that is being done, WestFax Brewing is only a 15 minute walk to the east.


They were fast an reasonable priced. They answered all are questions in friendly professional way . We will be back for future repairs on all our cars.


I am very happy with your service and will use your services again. The camper pulls much better!


I've been going to Merrill's since about 1975. Always helpful, always good work, when the say it's "bad", it is. They can work on old stuff and new stuff. Not everybody can work on a car that's 50+ years old.


Good service. Friendly staff.


I liked the way I got in so easily to get the struts done. I decided to keep my old car a little longer so Merrill is taking care of the items under the car which many people ignore for a long time. I like the fact that Merrill has been around for 88 years and that says a lot about the business. I remember seeing them in the 70s when I first got here. I appreciate the good work done and I will come back for more work that needs to be done.


Merrill's prices are fair and the quality of work is excellent.