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Factory Scheduled Auto Engine Maintenance Services in Lakewood, CO

All makes and models need maintenance, each comes with a schedule from the manufacturer. Examples of manufactures are Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Audi, Volvo, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Jeep to name a few.  The details of each vary from make to make but they all have similarities in the requirements.  Merrill Automotive has electronic access to the specifics for each manufacturer in our system.  If you don’t have a maintenance manual, we can help keep your vehicle on schedule.  We can even add reminders to the system at our Lakewood location, so you get alerts for upcoming factory scheduled auto maintenance.

Factory Engine Service Repair LakewoodWhat are some of the items I will need to keep up with? Oil and filter changes are the most frequent and common.  Engine air filter and cabin air filter show up often in the factory manuals.  There are several other fluids that need replacement including transmission, differential, power steering and engine coolant.  Brake fluid does have a nice service life but also needs replacement.

Does the factory scheduled auto maintenance require everything be replaced?  No, during most service intervals the bulk of a list includes “inspecting”.  For example, the factory maintenance schedule might say, inspect Battery or inspect Radiator Hoses.  These inspection items are included as they are part of a system that may wear of fail earlier than expected.  It doesn’t mean you are mistreating the vehicle; these parts are essential for the vehicle health and important to keep an eye on.  What are other examples of inspection items?  Battery Cables, Hoses in general, Lights, Exhaust system and sensor connections.  Some that seem a little mundane; Washer Fluid, Windshield Wiper Blades, and Parking Brake Operation.  Others that may get overlook but can be important are belts and tires.  Belts connect several systems together and when not working properly can leave a vehicle stranded.  Tires need proper inflation every time the Car or Truck is on the road.  Proper inflation not only keeps the gas mileage up but ensures the vehicle can handle and stop as designed.

Factory Scheduled Auto Engine Maintenance ServicesThere is more than one service type since not all vehicles live and operate the same way.  The first is Normal Operation – this is the category most of us operate our cars and trucks under.  Then there is Sever Duty.  Sever Duty would include either more difficult driving situations or weather conditions.  If you often drive on dirt roads that are dusty and bumpy this would be considered Sever Duty.  If your vehicle is often in extreme temperature.  Say the heat of a desert or freezing temperature in Alaska it would be considered Sever Duty.  Some of the larger, well known intervals are 30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 miles services.  At these intervals most manufactures have a list of different items to be inspected or replaced.  Most of the Factory Scheduled Auto Maintenance inspection is to ensure wear is even and consistent throughout the service life.  For example, Check Brakes will appear on most maintenance intervals.  Brakes are a vital component on the vehicle, checking these will ensure a safe system.

Is factory scheduled car maintenance expensive?  Compared to large, unexpected repairs no.  Maintenance is always more cost effective.  Not only is this true during your time with the vehicle but a well-maintained Car, Truck or SUV is more valuable in the used car market.  At Merrill Automotive our system integrates with Carfax.  All the services we provide are logged and will help prove your care for the vehicle during ownership.  You love your vehicle.  Show your love through preventative factory scheduled auto engine maintenance at Merrill Automotive Lakewood location.


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