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Professional Oil Change Services in Lakewood, CO

Oil Change. This is the most observed bit of maintenance every car owner submits to. A typical basic oil change includes draining the old oil and removing the old oil filter. Then replacing the filter with a new one and finishing by adding new oil. Simple right? Wrong.

Lakewood Professional Oil Change ServicesWhile a basic oil change is an important part of Car or Truck ownership it’s only a small part of actual maintenance. Most quickie lube shops will also check wiper blades, air filters and sometime tire pressure. That still isn’t going far enough. For most people an Oil Change is the only time a Car, Truck, or SUV may get attention all year. Hopefully you are taking your family Minivan to see a qualified technician at least twice per year. The average person in the United States drives 13,476 miles per year. The Federal Highway Administration considers both gender and age in these figures. Some males in their 40's will exceed that. If you fall into the average category, twice per year isn’t enough. Think about all the turns, stop lights, potholes, and unexpected idling your vehicle endures during that year. Modern Cars are built well and have proven durable. Yet, it’s always best to have an ASE Certified Technician take a close look at your mode of transportation.

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A Merrill Automotive Oil Change looks more like this. One of our ASE Certified Technicians walks around the Car, takes a picture for identification and of any visible damage with a tablet. Installs a floor mat and seat cover to keep your ride clean. He or She will drive on our test loop to see if there is anything unusual or concerning with the vehicle. This is assuming there aren’t any extra or previous concerns from the owner. The vehicle is then pulled into one of our service bays where lights and other systems are checked for functionality. The ASE tech then completes our custom Courtesy Check. This is a multi point check performed in coordination with a tablet that helps communicate vehicle health to the owner. Following completion of the Courtesy Check it is sent to the vehicle owner’s cell phone. This digital format is so useful and easy to read. Our customers love the simple system and transparency it adds to our service. While the vehicle owner is reviewing the Courtesy Check. Our ASE Technician completes the oil and filter service, along with any fluid top off or requested maintenance items. Can all this be completed in 20 minutes? No, and given the number of miles you force your vehicle through each year it shouldn’t. A Merrill Automotive oil change is more like an hour to complete. A small price to pay for long lasting vehicles.

Oil Change in LakewoodWe like to use NAPA Gold Oil Filters; in some cases, we encourage Platinum Filters. All filters are not created equal. With much higher intervals between oil changes all that debris needs to go somewhere. Feel better knowing a high-quality filter is keeping the oil as clean as possible. Besides new oil and filters we recommend rotating and balancing your tires with each Oil Change. Again, with high miles driven between oil changes the tires will need attention. Best way to keep expensive tires even, rotating per the vehicle manufacturer. In fact, most tire warranties require regular rotations. Why not do it at the same time? This is also a great time to throw another maintenance service in the mix. A transmission fluid exchange or a coolant system service for example.

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As you can see, an Oil Change isn’t just that. It’s a whole lot more and a good reason to skip the quickie lube. Take care of your vehicle, get the job done right. Let’s get your next “Oil Change” scheduled with Merrill Automotive today!

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