Merrill Automotive is currently open for business to assist our community. We are taking extra precautions, limiting person to person contact inside the shop and with customers and vendors as much as possible. We are cleaning and disinfecting much more frequently than we normally do. Additionally, to make it easy for our customers we are available through Email, Texting, our Digital Inspection Platform, and of course on the Phone. Please reach-out to us if you have any questions or need help with your Vehicle repair and maintenance, we are here for you!

Suspension Repair Shop in Lakewood, CO

Suspension Repair Shop LakewoodMerrill Automotive is a leader in suspension work for the Denver Metro Area. As the top suspension repair shop in Lakewood, CO, we invented equipment that assisted technicians with suspension repairs long before our competition was even in business. Our founder operated an engineering company that created new technology. Suspension is in our blood.

Modern vehicles have complicated suspension systems and need precision to align. We work on suspension for everything including Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Trailers, Campers, RVs, and Medium Duty Commercial Vehicles. Merrill Automotive can fix, replace, or upgrade your suspension depending on the application and purpose.

What does my vehicle need for suspension repair and maintenance?

Most vehicles have a recommended service schedule and we recommend that it is followed. For example, some manufacturers recommend replacing the shocks and/or struts every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Shocks are constantly moving up and down when the vehicle is driving. As a result, they will wear out and this can impact everything from acceleration to cornering or braking distances. This isn’t from a performance standpoint, but more from a safety perspective. Shocks and struts help keep the tires in contact with the road allowing the driver to navigate the unexpected. At our suspension repair shop, we can help you with suspension maintenance. Each service we offer includes a Courtesy Check to visually go over your vehicle. If we spot leaking shocks or a broken leaf spring it will be noted, photographed and sent to your mobile phone. We want you to know everything about your vehicle so the best care can be provided.

Towing a Trailer? Regardless of your vehicle or what you tow behind it there is added stress to the suspension. We can correct towing height, so the vehicle and tow rig are aligned. If you are towing, it is good to have the suspension checked more often.

Lowered, lifted or modified suspension often requires more experience and skill. Some suspension upgrades include new alignment specifications. We can help with custom specifications to ensure your vehicle is driving as intended.

Have you had an Alignment yet this year?

Lakewood Suspension Repair ShopWith the climate, road conditions and congested traffic lanes in Lakewood and Denver, a regular alignment is a good idea. Slipping and sliding throughout the winter months, then bumping over potholes in the spring will impact your cars alignment. At our suspension repair shop, we use Hunter Engineering equipment with the latest electronic updates to ensure an accurate alignment. Alignments correct both steering and suspension problems. It’s also a great time to have a certified ASE Technician drive, inspect and test your vehicle. Alignments are not expensive and provide good peace of mind for car and truck owners.

Do we align Recreation Vehicles?

Yes! If you have an RV or Trailer - we align those too. Trailer axles bend, and suspension components can wear. This may impact the way it is towed, or even tire wear. While the Trailer is here for service, we can look at upgrades. Bigger shackles, stronger leaf springs, wet-bolt kits, heavy duty axles or even adding shocks to help smooth out the ride. The axle alignment can be adjusted and we do that right here in the shop. Most service is same day when possible, so you aren’t waiting at the dealer for weeks.

RVs need alignments too. RVs are top heavy in nature and as a result steer poorly. Suspension upgrades like shocks and springs can help. Steering upgrades including products like Powersteer, or sway bars from Hell-Wig can make a big difference. Anything to reduce driving fatigue. Sprinter Vans and the RV style are great travel companions, yet most of them like upgrades to improve handling. Sway bars, shocks, tires and a good alignment can make your road trip even more enjoyable. We are happy to explore all these options with you.

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